Friday, April 18, 2008

Elevator Pitch Wrapup!

Dave kicks if all off!

This from David Teubner:

For months now, Max Beach, my students and I have been racking our brains to try and come up with a new format for the Education Event for IDSA-LA.

Our goal was to get lots of students and professionals together in the same room and then get them to interact and talk design. We didn’t want the professionals to be out-numbered and we didn’t want them to feel any obligation to hand out jobs; and we didn’t want the students to endure the usual ego-bruising scrutiny of their projects.

Darn it, we just wanted to have fun and we wanted to come away from the evening having made new friends and new contacts.

At 7 o’clock I looked around the room and I saw all the professionals standing in a group to my right; the students huddled together, silent, with sleep-deprived, blank faces; and the semi-pros (recent grads) pointing at the displays on the wall and laughing. [ed: Not!]

Was this going to work? I was having my doubts.

Then we started in with our elevator-pitch concept. We invited three professionals to form a panel and one-by-one the students stepped forward and pretended to enter the elevator with the three pros. They had three minutes to try and convince the professionals of their passion for design and then the pros got a chance to respond and tell them if they were interested or not.

The professionals did a great job. For once they were gentle with their criticism and they gave fantastic advice and insight. The students did a great job too, practicing that all-important designer skill of learning how to speak intelligently when your brain is only firing on two cylinders. But the best part was when I got to pull a switcheroo on the professionals and asked them to then get up and give their own pitch to the students. Slowly, the ice began to melt.

By the time intermission came, I looked around the room and experienced sweet success. No more groups or clicks but everyone intermingling and talking passionately about design. It was a great event!

Thanks to my students for putting it all together and thanks to the members of IDSA-LA for braving the freeways and participating in an event that had the highest professional-to-student ratio ever.

And thanks to all our panelists for sharing your time and wisdom…

Carl Muller: President, Carl Muller Design
Eric Rose: Director of Research and Development, Moldex, president of PDMA-LA
Kurt Botsai: Vice President of Innovation, RKS
Norman Kerechuk: President, GKDI-LA
Chuck Pelly: founder of BMW Group, DesignWorks USA
Jeff Brown: President, Gruppe B
Jason Ivey: President, Icon Packaging
Tom White: Executive Vice President, RKS
Myk Lum: President, Lum Design Associates
Bill Leach from DDStudio
Mike Wick from Belkin
Gary Leynes from Mattel

And a very, special thanks to Shawn Zindroski and Haryn de Leon from Morpheus Prototypes for sponsoring the event.

Hope to see you all at the next one,



Chuck Pelly
We're hoping to post more photos of the event. Check the Flickr pool for more!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Super Thirsty Thursday pictures

Super Thirsty Thursday
at Lucky Baldwin's: John, Allen, instructor Allison Goodman

Super Thirsty Thursday
at Lucky Baldwin's: Gabe, Christian, Armie and Michael!

I suspect that the party really got rolling after I left... Don't you hate when that happens?

Super Thursday happens at the end of each term at Art Center, three times a year. We'll be Super Thirsty soon enough, in August! Hope to see you then - - if not sooner!

Friday, April 11, 2008

April 25-27, Western District Conference, Portland, Oregon

IDSA Western District Conference
The Bird and the Buffalo:
Symbiotic Relationships in the Ecosphere of Design
Art Institute of Portland — Portland, OR
April 25-27, 2008

The conference title, "The Bird and the Buffalo," reflects the symbiotic relationship between two creatures that have no cognitive recognition that they depend upon each other - but the partnership is extremely beneficial to both. The pests in the buffalo's fur provide a steady supply of food for the bird, and the bird removes unwanted parasites from the buffalo and sounds an alarm by hissing when one of the buffalo's predators enters the area. As designers, we have the opportunity to observe this kind of relationship, learn from it, analyze it, interpret it and mimic it in our own dealings with those representing different points of view.

Yet, although we supposedly possess superior intelligence to these creatures, we frequently plod along in our own worlds, oblivious to the opportunities partnerships with dissimilar "creatures" present us. We want to do it "our way."

The 2008 IDSA Western District Conference will explore the intricacies of the creative relationship. While not every party in a relationship represents the creative side, every participant brings something important to the table. Effective communication between all parties is the key to a successful outcome.

The goal of this conference is to expose these processes within our trade and help designers navigate the tortuous relationships that are part of the path to great design. Recognizing the benefits of give- and-take and learning the art of cooperation will introduce a new energy to the designer-production process and help you find the market for your ideas in business and consumer environments.

Conference information HERE.

Can non-IDSA members attend?

Who's going?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 17 - Art Center Grad Show Preview

Thursday, April 17, 2008, 5:00-10:30 p.m.
Art Center Hillside Campus,1700 Lida Street,
Pasadena, CA 91103

You are invited to attend the Spring 2008 Grad Show Preview event. The Graduation Show Preview features remarkable student accomplishments from all major fields of study at Art Center: Advertising, Graduate Media Design, Environmental Design, Graphic Design, Entertainment Design, Illustration, Film, Photography & Imaging, Fine Art Media, Product Design, Graduate Industrial Design and Transportation Design.

5-9 p.m. -- Preview of Graduating Students Work. Industry professionals, employers, corporate partners, alumni and donors get the first look at this term’s Graduation Show.

9-10:30 p.m. -- Graduation Preview Reception. Join fellow industry professionals, employers, corporate partners, alumni, donors and graduating students for a reception in honor of the Spring 2008 graduating class.

To reserve your place for Graduation Show Preview,
e-mail: alumni at artcenter dot edu (or call 626.396.2305) by Monday, April 14th.

April 16 - CSULB Elevator Pitch

Wednesday, April 16, 7 pm
CSULB Design Gallery
California State University - Long Beach

What's this?

We have asked the students to imagine that they have stepped onto an elevator with you – the fabulously successful, (maybe famous) professional, Industrial Designer who knows all the tricks and has heard all the lines. They have the time it takes to ride from the lobby to the penthouse suite (because, obviously, that's where you are staying) to convince you that they know their stuff and that you should give them a second look.

We ask the professionals to sit in on a panel of three people, watch the pitches and then each give a few lines of advice. It's not so much a critique of their work but a critique of their ability to come off professionally. Then it’s on to the next pitch. Just as fast as we can, with no pitch lasting more than 3 minutes – and, of course, no advice lasting more than 3 minutes either. We will try and rotate the panels every five students so that no one gets burned out. If you are standing in the back watching, and absolutely must tell a student a thing or two, you can pull them aside and give them your own two-cents, off-stage.

Volunteer to join a panel and give your advice to the students. These are Juniors – they are not yet looking for a job. So you have absolutely no obligation to take one home. However, some of them are still looking for internships and if you see something you like, you can always give them your card.

Be part of the panel, or just come to talk shop (or not), laugh, see old friends again, make some new ones, and enjoy the evening.

Reserve your place on a panel or get more information by emailing
Dave Teubner at: tooby at csulb dot edu

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I (Heart) LA!

"It seems to me that Los Angeles is a city filled with dreamers." - David Howard

"It's hard not to be bullish on Los Angeles" - David Carter

"Los Angeles is Los Angeles, and it's very easy for someone to come here not knowing English and be able to get a toehold on American society." - Harry Pachon

“Nobody in the city of Los Angeles knows how to catch an alligator, ... We have no experience in recreation and parks, the zoo or animal control." - Janice Hahn

"If you tilt the whole country sideways, Los Angeles is the place where everything loose will fall." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"I love Los Angeles. It reinvents itself every two days." - Billy Connolly

"The whole city (Los Angeles) gives you the impression of impermanence. You have the feeling that one day someone is going to yell. "Cut! Strike it!" and then the stagehands will scurry out and remove the mountains, the movie-star homes, the Hollywood Bowl - everything." - Allan Sherman

~ We are, for better or worse, all that, and so much more. Let's get to know our fellow designers, celebrate this great city we all call home, and work together to promote industrial design.
I'm going to post upcoming events, thoughts, and photos here. Please subscribe to a feed or bookmark this blog to keep up with what we're up to. Got something on your mind? Want to bounce some ideas off of one of us? There's always an open invitation for a cup of coffee (or mug of beer)... Keep in touch!

IDSA-LA Vice-Chair :: 101-134-210-118 (I'm working on what to call the region)