Friday, April 11, 2008

April 25-27, Western District Conference, Portland, Oregon

IDSA Western District Conference
The Bird and the Buffalo:
Symbiotic Relationships in the Ecosphere of Design
Art Institute of Portland — Portland, OR
April 25-27, 2008

The conference title, "The Bird and the Buffalo," reflects the symbiotic relationship between two creatures that have no cognitive recognition that they depend upon each other - but the partnership is extremely beneficial to both. The pests in the buffalo's fur provide a steady supply of food for the bird, and the bird removes unwanted parasites from the buffalo and sounds an alarm by hissing when one of the buffalo's predators enters the area. As designers, we have the opportunity to observe this kind of relationship, learn from it, analyze it, interpret it and mimic it in our own dealings with those representing different points of view.

Yet, although we supposedly possess superior intelligence to these creatures, we frequently plod along in our own worlds, oblivious to the opportunities partnerships with dissimilar "creatures" present us. We want to do it "our way."

The 2008 IDSA Western District Conference will explore the intricacies of the creative relationship. While not every party in a relationship represents the creative side, every participant brings something important to the table. Effective communication between all parties is the key to a successful outcome.

The goal of this conference is to expose these processes within our trade and help designers navigate the tortuous relationships that are part of the path to great design. Recognizing the benefits of give- and-take and learning the art of cooperation will introduce a new energy to the designer-production process and help you find the market for your ideas in business and consumer environments.

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