Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I (Heart) LA!

"It seems to me that Los Angeles is a city filled with dreamers." - David Howard

"It's hard not to be bullish on Los Angeles" - David Carter

"Los Angeles is Los Angeles, and it's very easy for someone to come here not knowing English and be able to get a toehold on American society." - Harry Pachon

“Nobody in the city of Los Angeles knows how to catch an alligator, ... We have no experience in recreation and parks, the zoo or animal control." - Janice Hahn

"If you tilt the whole country sideways, Los Angeles is the place where everything loose will fall." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"I love Los Angeles. It reinvents itself every two days." - Billy Connolly

"The whole city (Los Angeles) gives you the impression of impermanence. You have the feeling that one day someone is going to yell. "Cut! Strike it!" and then the stagehands will scurry out and remove the mountains, the movie-star homes, the Hollywood Bowl - everything." - Allan Sherman

~ We are, for better or worse, all that, and so much more. Let's get to know our fellow designers, celebrate this great city we all call home, and work together to promote industrial design.
I'm going to post upcoming events, thoughts, and photos here. Please subscribe to a feed or bookmark this blog to keep up with what we're up to. Got something on your mind? Want to bounce some ideas off of one of us? There's always an open invitation for a cup of coffee (or mug of beer)... Keep in touch!

IDSA-LA Vice-Chair :: 101-134-210-118 (I'm working on what to call the region)

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