Tuesday, May 27, 2008

June 17 - Eames Stamps First Day of Issue

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Eames Stamps - First Day of Issue Event
Eames Office, 11am - 1pm

Okay, people, listen up:
Tuesday, June 17th, is the First Date of Issue for a new pane of stamps by the United States Postal Service celebrating the designs of Charles and Ray Eames! Yay! Come to the official USPS dedication ceremony from 11a.m. - 1 p.m. Stamps and sheets of stamps with all 16 stamp designs will be sold at the celebration. Also available are first-day-of-issue hand cancellations with a special Santa Monica Post Office First-Day-of-Issue cancellation design.*

This event will be held at the Eames Office, 850 Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica. For more information call 310.396.5991 or send an email gallery@eamesoffice.com. Yes, this event is open to the public.

The Eames Office is holding monthly Charles Eames Centennial Year Events. On the 17th of each month, the Eames Office will host an event in honor of Charles Eames's centennial year. Visit the Eames Office website for details.

[* I can't go ;( Sniff! Can someone go for me and pick up a hand-cancelled Santa Monica FDoI ? ]

June 5-8, Dwell on Design

The 3rd Annual Dwell on Design
Conference + Exhibition + Home Tours
June 5-8, 2008
LA Convention Center
event link here

The Dwell on Design Event runs June 5-8 at the LA Convention Center, and includes an Exhibition of 200 exhibitors, a Speakers Conference of 50 speakers, and full size Sustainable Pre-Fab Neighborhood built on site, as well as 16 Home Tours of private green residences and evening parties at Ford Brady and the (Museum of Contemporary Art).

Courtesy of Paul Vaughn, Outreach Coordinator at guerilla PR, Inc. :
- free Exhibition tickets and $50 off coupons for the Conference, as well as a free 1 month digital issue to Dwell Magazine.

Here are Codes and Links:
Registration Link
Free Ticket To the Dwell on Design Exhibition: BDODEC
Discounted Conference Ticket ($50 Off): GRP22SP
Digital Issue of Dwell Magazine
Electonic Press Kit

Dwell is also having a landscape design competition, as well as a live design rendering competition, at MoCA on Fri June 6th. The details will be here (in a couple of days).

Additionally, you and your staff can sign up for free six month digital Dwell subscriptions.

[thanks to Meredith Goodwin Bajaj from IDSA-NYC for passing along the details.]

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 27 - CSULB Senior Thesis Show!

Click to see it big!
CSULB Senior Thesis Show
Click to see the flyer in much larger scale!

Current : movement through time and/or space as it applies to worldly items including people, places, and things

Current : electrical existence pulsating through societies’ infrastructure and throughout our own bodies.

Current : up-to-date with common trends and sociological characteristics as they inhabit a space where cultures adopt them and institute them.

Come witness current it its many forms at the Senior Thesis Show!

Industrial design and Interior Architectural Design present the
CSULB Senior Thesis Show 2008
6 pm, Tuesday, May 27, 2008
California State University at Long Beach, Department of Design.

For more information or special requests, please contact Allison Ohanian at 562.985.5313

Located at the Northwest corner of the intersection of Polo Verde Avenue and State University Drive, Long Beach California.

Directions to the Design Gallery:
Exit Palo Verde and proceed south. Turn Right into Lot 9. The Design Department is located at the South end of the lot. Extra parking can be found in Lot 11, located just north of Lot 9 on Palo Verde.

SHITS and GIGGLES 1.0 wrapup

Wondering what this "SHITS and GIGGLES" thing was all about? Well, it ain't your daddy's Third Thirsty Thursday ...

But is it BEER-tight?
water-tight test1

This from Jay Yu:

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our first mixer event of the year. We hope everyone who attended had a good time and made some new contacts and friends. Special thanks to our student friends at Art Institute of Orange County for making the drive. And Extra Special thanks to our event sponsors,

BLACK Design Associates
361 Main Street, Studio 4
El Segundo, CA
T. 310.414.9790

We sincerely apologize to those who may have gotten lost and couldn't find the venue, it has come to our understanding that the Google map feature lead people to a bad address. For those who couldn't make it, make sure to come out for our next upcoming event where the theme will be "The Business Card Challenge," details coming soon.

We had a blast and we hope you make it out to our next event. If you have ideas for location and or event themes closer to your area, please feel free to contact Jay Yu by email (jay at blackdesignassociates dot com) to help arrange the next event for your area.

Some of the results:

Most Interesting Paper Cup went to Alan Hackett's "Cradle Cup"

Alan Hackett's Cradle Cup

"The Prettiest Paper Cup With The Prettiest Name" Award goes to Max Beach and his "Flute"

Extra points for pretty name
Max Beach's flute

"Best Paper Cup For Playing Power Hour" Award goes to Christine and her "Paper Shot Glass"

I'll drink to that!
Christine's Paper Shot

The "Student" Award goes to Hanson Linek and his "Paper Stein." Extra kudos for our student chairs who bring student members.

Hanson Linek's Paper Stein

The "Shameless Promotion" Award goes to Nicole Horner and her "All Business" paper cup. Please feel free to contact her at Forecast 3D for all your RP needs (714) 546.1135.

Nicole Horner's "All Business" cup

The "Just Plain Shameless" Award goes to Nick Mellers and his "Glory"

Nick Mellers' "Glory"

And last (but not least), by unanimous decision, the Award for "That's Just Plain Cheating" goes to Manny Montano for "Polly."

Manny Montano's "Polly"

See all the photos here! [ed.- more html programming than I'd planned for today! Whew! :) ]

Wishing you'd been there? Stay tuned, Jay's got more mischief up his sleeve ...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tuesday, May 20 – SHITS and GIGGLES mixer

SHITS and GIGGLES 1.0 mixer
Tuesday, May 20, 7 – 9 pm
Alibi Room
12236 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90230

Mischief from Jay Yu:

Are you Southern California's greatest industrial designer? Can you pump out a design in two-weeks and make every other designer feel as if they're mediocre? If not, maybe you're just really good at bullshitting? Either way here is your chance to do what you do. Come join us at the Alibi Room (21+) on May 20th from 7:00 - 9:00PM and join in the fun.

All participants are encouraged to take part in the competition by putting together a cup design. The only requirement is that it somehow involves paper. Submitted formats can be in finished prototype (encouraged), napkin sketch, paper sketch, printed media, or whatever you can come up with. Make it fancy, make it last minute... shine like a star or be the laughing stock... it's up to you. Every entrant will have to own up as their entry will be photographed and published with their title card in the IDSA-LA and possibly IDSA-National newsletter.

Winners will be selected every 30 minutes and be rewarded with a drink on the house [ed. – "Woo!"]. Judging will be performed by unanimous decision. Students over the legal drinking age of 21 are encouraged to humiliate professionals (not likely to happen!). Other than that just have fun and meet somebody new.

Please feel free to invite other designers and non-designers as this is a networking event. There is no charge to attend but participants are encouraged to donate money into the donation jar. Your donations will go to help fund larger events for your chapter. Thank you.

IDSA Health Insurance

See what you miss when you don't go to events? Announced at the Western District Conference, IDSA has made final steps and has just unrolled plans available through IDSA for Individual Health insurance for members.

From IDSA:

If there is one benefit prospective and current members ask IDSA for time and time again, it's access to health insurance. Among the IDSA community, there are many self-employed individuals-not to mention those working for small consultancies, those who find themselves between opportunities or young professionals yet to land that first job-who cannot find affordable health insurance.

Thanks to a new partnership with Fractured Atlas, a non-profit organization serving a national community of artists and arts organizations, the wait is over. Through Fractured Atlas, IDSA members in 29 states (for now—that number is scheduled to increase over the next several months. Yes, California is included) can obtain the health insurance coverage that may have proved elusive or difficult to find. In addition, members in all states can access the Arts Wellness Network, a network of 500,000+ health care providers with a focus on preventive care and alternative medicine, who make their services available to the arts community at discounted rates regardless of insurance coverage.

How does it work? All IDSA members can become an associate member of Fractured Atlas for free. Once you've joined Fractured Atlas, you'll have access to a number of new benefits, including health insurance, access to the Arts Wellness Network, liability insurance, press and publicity services, and special offers from a diverse number of businesses and other arts organizations. Please note: Fractured Atlas is not an insurance company. If you enroll in a health insurance plan or purchase liability insurance, your premiums will go to the insurance company in question, and they will be responsible for paying your claims.

Fractured Atlas is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization which receives partial funding from The National Endowment for the Arts, The New York State Council for the Arts, Seedco & the Non-Profit Assistance Corporation, The New York Arts Recovery Fund and The Non-Profit Finance Fund. Even if you do not currently have a need for health or liability insurance, we encourage our members to join Fractured Atlas as an IDSA associate member anyway, as they add new benefits often. And it's free.

Membership does have its rewards.

LA at the WDC

Fred Weigle Flickr Photo

IDSA-LA had a solid showing at this year's Western District Conference. We had several professional members along with strong student chapter presences from CSULB and Art Center’s ID programs. Congrats to our area Student Merit Award Winners, Jason Farsai from CSULB and Jeffrey Jones from Art Center - you make us proud!

What did you miss? Here are a few tidbits:

- LA member Carson Lev spoke at the conference and entertained with anecdotes of success and challenges and what he's taken from them. Remember, if you’re not going to be passionate, stay in bed.

- Jody Turner suggested that maybe it’s time for the softer voice to be heard. That’s right, maybe we’d better listen to that introverted designer that’s speaking. In encouraging us to have more fun ("We owe it to ourselves to be more fun than anyone else out there!"), she passed along this link to FreeRice. Go play.

- IDSA Executive Director Frank Tyneski, unrolled his approach for heading the executive side of IDSA as the first designer to lead the group. He asks: How does IDSA help the profession remain relevant? How does IDSA remain meaningful for the next generation of designers? His challenge to us: We need to continue to be visionaries.

Overall there were great speakers, activities, and great hospitality from Art Institute of Portland. Carl Alviani of Core77 covered the event (he has faster fingers than any of us) and you can read this posts on:

First night wrap Up
Carson Lev
Wendy March on being Boring
Panel discussion on the best advice they've received
Wrap Up
and the Western District Student Merit Winner, Gabriel Lam

Also, see full coverage by Artefact Designer Olen Ronning, and a wrap up at Seen.Heard.Noticed, as well.

Tired of clicking on links yet? Lots of party photos are here.

From the blog posts, it's amazing what different things we all took away from the speakers. There were lots of designers, scribbling away (even though many admitted that they were doing sketches of Jody Turner's very animated hands). How all this inspiration will manifest itself, only time will tell...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

May 9 - Otis Grad Show!

Otis Class of 2008 Grad Show
Friday, May 9, 6-9 pm

Join members of the Class of 2008 whose work is displayed throughout the campus. View work by students in advertising, architecture/landscape/interiors, digital media, fashion design, graphic design, illustration, interactive product design, painting, photography, sculpture/new genres, writing, and toy design.

The Elaine and Bram Goldsmith (main) Campus is just north of LAX at:
9045 Lincoln Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Parking is free. See www.otis.edu/maps for directions.
Phone 310-665-6800

May 7 - LDA Open House with Simplehuman

Wednesday, May 7
7 – 9 pm

IDSA invites its membership and the Pepperdine Alumni Association to:

An Open House for Lum Design Associates’s new design studio
and a Round table discussion: Creation of a Brand: The simplehuman story.

Simplehuman is known for revitalizing the kitchen accessories market by reinventing many of the products in this category. By utilizing product design and innovation as a strategic business tool, simplehuman has been able to become a major brand in the housewares market in a very short period of time. LDA has been working simplehuman from its early beginnings, designing many of the products in the simplehuman line, and helping to establish the simplehuman design philosophy.

Frank Yang, Founder and CEO of simplehuman and Myk Lum, president of LDA, will share their experiences in utilizing product design to help establish a successful brand in a crowded marketplace.

6201 Oak Canyon Road, Ste 100
Irvine, CA 92618
Lots of door prizes!

Please RSVP to Shelley Takahashi
shelley.t at atlantic-inc dot com