Friday, May 16, 2008

LA at the WDC

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IDSA-LA had a solid showing at this year's Western District Conference. We had several professional members along with strong student chapter presences from CSULB and Art Center’s ID programs. Congrats to our area Student Merit Award Winners, Jason Farsai from CSULB and Jeffrey Jones from Art Center - you make us proud!

What did you miss? Here are a few tidbits:

- LA member Carson Lev spoke at the conference and entertained with anecdotes of success and challenges and what he's taken from them. Remember, if you’re not going to be passionate, stay in bed.

- Jody Turner suggested that maybe it’s time for the softer voice to be heard. That’s right, maybe we’d better listen to that introverted designer that’s speaking. In encouraging us to have more fun ("We owe it to ourselves to be more fun than anyone else out there!"), she passed along this link to FreeRice. Go play.

- IDSA Executive Director Frank Tyneski, unrolled his approach for heading the executive side of IDSA as the first designer to lead the group. He asks: How does IDSA help the profession remain relevant? How does IDSA remain meaningful for the next generation of designers? His challenge to us: We need to continue to be visionaries.

Overall there were great speakers, activities, and great hospitality from Art Institute of Portland. Carl Alviani of Core77 covered the event (he has faster fingers than any of us) and you can read this posts on:

First night wrap Up
Carson Lev
Wendy March on being Boring
Panel discussion on the best advice they've received
Wrap Up
and the Western District Student Merit Winner, Gabriel Lam

Also, see full coverage by Artefact Designer Olen Ronning, and a wrap up at Seen.Heard.Noticed, as well.

Tired of clicking on links yet? Lots of party photos are here.

From the blog posts, it's amazing what different things we all took away from the speakers. There were lots of designers, scribbling away (even though many admitted that they were doing sketches of Jody Turner's very animated hands). How all this inspiration will manifest itself, only time will tell...

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