Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SHITS and GIGGLES 1.0 wrapup

Wondering what this "SHITS and GIGGLES" thing was all about? Well, it ain't your daddy's Third Thirsty Thursday ...

But is it BEER-tight?
water-tight test1

This from Jay Yu:

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our first mixer event of the year. We hope everyone who attended had a good time and made some new contacts and friends. Special thanks to our student friends at Art Institute of Orange County for making the drive. And Extra Special thanks to our event sponsors,

BLACK Design Associates
361 Main Street, Studio 4
El Segundo, CA
T. 310.414.9790

We sincerely apologize to those who may have gotten lost and couldn't find the venue, it has come to our understanding that the Google map feature lead people to a bad address. For those who couldn't make it, make sure to come out for our next upcoming event where the theme will be "The Business Card Challenge," details coming soon.

We had a blast and we hope you make it out to our next event. If you have ideas for location and or event themes closer to your area, please feel free to contact Jay Yu by email (jay at blackdesignassociates dot com) to help arrange the next event for your area.

Some of the results:

Most Interesting Paper Cup went to Alan Hackett's "Cradle Cup"

Alan Hackett's Cradle Cup

"The Prettiest Paper Cup With The Prettiest Name" Award goes to Max Beach and his "Flute"

Extra points for pretty name
Max Beach's flute

"Best Paper Cup For Playing Power Hour" Award goes to Christine and her "Paper Shot Glass"

I'll drink to that!
Christine's Paper Shot

The "Student" Award goes to Hanson Linek and his "Paper Stein." Extra kudos for our student chairs who bring student members.

Hanson Linek's Paper Stein

The "Shameless Promotion" Award goes to Nicole Horner and her "All Business" paper cup. Please feel free to contact her at Forecast 3D for all your RP needs (714) 546.1135.

Nicole Horner's "All Business" cup

The "Just Plain Shameless" Award goes to Nick Mellers and his "Glory"

Nick Mellers' "Glory"

And last (but not least), by unanimous decision, the Award for "That's Just Plain Cheating" goes to Manny Montano for "Polly."

Manny Montano's "Polly"

See all the photos here! [ed.- more html programming than I'd planned for today! Whew! :) ]

Wishing you'd been there? Stay tuned, Jay's got more mischief up his sleeve ...

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