Friday, March 27, 2009

IDSA-LA Conversations: Medical Products - wrap up

Our speakers:
Tim Payne, Omnica Corporation
Geof Garth, Aspen Medical Products
Matt Duncan, Morphix Design
Charles Curbbun, DD STUDIO
Brian Lau, Forecast 3D (not pictured)

Our speakers shared their experiences in designing medical products, giving us an appreciation for the wide range of opportunities within this market segment. Brian Lau described Forecast 3D’s rapid prototyping capabilities, highlighting specific applications to medical product design, as well. Thanks to Shelley Takahashi for her fantastic work in organizing the inaugural ‘Conversations’ event and to the ID department at CSULB for hosting us.

Tim Payne muses about Omnica's desire to not be known as designers of "... stuff..."

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