Friday, April 03, 2009

April 15 - CSULB Elevator Pitch 2009

Wednesday, April 15,
CSULB Design Gallery
Corner of Palo Verde Avenue and Anaheim Road
California State University - Long Beach

6:30 pm Reception
7:00 pm The Pitches Begin

Admission is FREE and Everyone is Welcome!
Visitor Parking is $4.00 in the Foundation Lot
Directly across from the Design Building Main Entrance

What's this?

Last year, we asked the students to imagine that they've stepped onto an elevator with you – the fabulously successful professional Industrial Designer who knows all the tricks and has heard all the lines. The students had the time it takes to ride from the lobby to the penthouse suite (because, obviously, that's where you are staying) to convince you that they know their stuff and that you should give them a second look.

This year, we're giving a whole new batch of students that opportunity. It's not so much a critique of their work but a critique of their ability to come off professionally.
Are they nervous? We think so. It's our goal to get them to be less nervous and more polished.

Please volunteer to offer your advice to the students. These are Juniors – they are not yet looking for a job. So you have absolutely no obligation to take one home. However, if you see something or someone you like, you can always give them your card.

Reserve your place on a panel or get more information by emailing
Dave Teubner at:

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