Thursday, April 23, 2009

CSULB Elevator Pitch Wrapup

This from Dave Teubner:

Over 80 people jammed into the Design Gallery at CSULB to hear the Industrial Design Junior Class pitch to the Pros. The Pros offered their wisdom and then pitched themselves. Chapter members showed up from the two extremes of the Southern California region, from Ventura to San Diego. It was a great opportunity for us all to brush up on our networking skills, to see old friends again, to make new friends and have a few laughs.

A very special thanks to all of our Professional Catchers:
Jay Yu from Black Design
Megan Stanton from Nissan
Mark Taylor from Mark Taylor Design Group
Cardon Lev from Foose Design & Redphin
Ernesto Quinteros from Belkin
Robson Splane from Splane Design Associates
Myk Lum from Lum Design Associates
Matt Duncan from Morphix
Kurt Botsai from RKS
Chris Collins from Faulconer
John Krug from Unlimited Products
Eileen Street from AT&T

See you at the next one!

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